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Fitness Programs


We have personal fitness programs for people of all fitness levels and abilities. If you have a goal we have the program that will get you there!

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"Finding the right trainer is very important. We want you to take this opportunity to see why we can guarantee you will reach your goals!"

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Additional Services

We also offer great online personal  training programs!



Program Options

You are going to love the benefits you will receive with your new customized personal fitness program. Each session will be designed to get you one step closer to your goals. Your program will include:

  • Nutrition, Stretching, and Cardio programs!

  • Results producing workouts!

  • Unlimited Coaching and Support!

  • Undivided Attention from our trainers!

  • Guaranteed Results!

Choose the program that is right for you.........

So many people waste countless hours in the gym simply because they do not understand their current fitness level and aren't performing the appropriate exercises. We will assess your weight, body fat using both bioimpedence & Skyndex calipers, blood pressure, resting heart rate, target heart rate, body circumference measurements, core strength, upper body strength & endurance, exercise program design, goal setting - all displayed in an easy to follow manual that can be used to track your progress.



"Includes a 1-hour session with your personal trainer at our private training studio located at 3223 Wynbrooke Circle, Louisville, KY 40241.

If the gym setting is not an option for you we will come to your location for an additional $15 per session!! (See list below for pricing details) Also, you can share your time with a partner for only $15 more per person. To pre-book partner or offsite training sessions give us a call at 681-6936 or 599-5560...


 40 Sessions: $53 each

30 Sessions: $56 each

20 Sessions: $59 each

10 Sessions: $62 each

5 Sessions: $65 each

1 Session: $70

Women's Only Fitness Boot Camp

If you're looking for a fun yet affordable way to get in shape, then the Women's Only Fitness Boot Camp is just what you need!

Experience 12 challenging sessions of fat-burning & muscle-shredding with a fitness degreed & nationally certified personal trainer. The cost is $150 per person for (12) 1-hour sessions, meeting Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays for 4 weeks. Class size is limited and books fast!!
Come see for yourself why this is the hottest program in Louisville!! To view our class schedule or to register visit us at

Body Sculptors Private Fitness Boot Camps

Need to get ready for a wedding? Vacation? Or just ready to see
your body transformed? Then try one of our private Boot Camp packages where you can meet 3-5 times a week for six weeks with your personal trainer, receive weekly fitness assessments (an $80 value per assessment) to monitor your progress, and get unlimited nutritional advice and meal planning (a $70 value per analysis). Its an all-inclusive package that is GUARANTEED to get results for anyone who needs a jump start to get them going on the right track! We will work hard, matching you step for step to get you where you want to be!

Our staff of degreed and nationally certified trainers can take any of our programs and cater it to fit your needs. Choose one of the boot camp options and the number of days you want to meet with your trainer each week and leave the rest to us!!!

We are Louisville's experts in both private and group boot camp training. Don't take our word for it; see for yourself. This soon to be bride dropped 15lbs fast in our Bridal Boot Camp!!! Click here







3x per week: $1495

4x per week: $1730

5x per week: $1995


"Are you looking for an effective, yet convenient and affordable way to get in shape?  Is meeting with a trainer one-on-one two or more times a week impractical or impossible?  Then ONLINE personal training is just for you!  Click here for details and pricing!"


We can create a maximally functional home gym for beginners all the way to the most experienced lifters that will save you a ton of money!! $200.00


If you are visiting Louisville on business or pleasure give us a call at 502-681-6936 and we will keep you on track with your current fitness program.   $60 per 1 hr training session (For an additional $10 per session we will come to your hotel!!)


"My husband started the program 6 weeks ago and I am impressed with
his results.  He is type 1 diabetic and Wayne is the only personal trainer who has been able to help him.  He wants to lose 40 lbs and is well on his way to achieving his goal.  Working with BodySculptors has changed his outlook on life.  He looks awesome!!"  

(Monette Wynne of Louisville KY)





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